Magic Wheelchair Charity Fundraiser

Streaming video games on Twitch is not only a hobby, but has become a way for me to give back to communities that are doing great things, and really mean a lot to me.

In April of 2021, I selected the non-profit, Magic Wheelchair, to fundraise for. Magic Wheelchair is a non-profit that builds out of this world costumes and cosplays for children in wheelchairs, at no cost to the families.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of their team around 2019 while working a booth for Anime for Humanity, and got to see a cosplay reveal happen. I really admire the amount of work the staff and their partners put in to making these costumes is, and the joy on the kid’s and their family’s faces is priceless.

During the fundraiser, I set an initial goal of $1,000 and ended up raising a total of $1,560 over the course of 2 weeks.